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In Production for release in 2024



FEZ is a twenty-three-minute self-contained piece, which is part of twelve part series of thought provoking, mind escape fantasy. A series of stories that take every day instances that we as the viewer have probably each experience, but have never considered in “this way”.  

This series is built in the spirit of the “Twilight Zone” and many many others that take a “normal” everyday act, and transforms the occasion into a different realm, meaning and consideration. The moral message in each piece challenges the viewer to consider those less fortunate or to consider a regular action in the viewer’s life to something that has a completely different meaning to others. Taking things in life for granted, appreciating what you have, and considering the plight of others less fortunate are all aspects of this series moral message. Comedy, juxtaposition and double meaning all play into the series. Good triumphs over evil and those who are of the mind of taking advantage of others,…. will get “theirs” in the end. Good Karma begets good Karma as they say. 

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