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The Arabia Incident

Shark Reef


Will The Whale Survive

Man & His Environment

Where Shipwrecks Abound

Floating Over Canada with Murray McLaughlan

I Am Your Child - TV and Theatrical Release

Sea Nymph

For The Earth

CBC Sunday Report

CBC National News

Be A Power Saver (series)

First Edition- (daily news series)


Nomads of the Deep - Creator


Stay In The Light - Honeymoon Suite

Deep Cuts The Knife - Helix

In The House - Images In Vogue

Take It - FM

I Am Your Child  - Voices with Heart- Barry Manilow

Slightly Irresponsible - Sabre

Floating Over Canada with Murray McLaughlan

Standing In Line - Haywire

Just Like You - FM

We Were Wild - Rick Rose Band

Dream Radio - Only Human

Smilin - Sirens

Heartbreaker - Harmony Road

Straight Shot - Johnny D. Fury

Two Can Play - Wayne St. John

Marionette - Dianna Lynn

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